That Old House on Delaney Street

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This tale is included in the anthologies "Willful Women" and "Willful Women II". Both are recommended by The Midwest Book Review.That Old House on Delaney Street is home to Mama, who uses an ax and a buzz saw to ensure her will be done. In this sexual thriller, she and Papa keep a pair of teens in the basement for fun and special games. Excerpt 1 - Bethany was awakening in completedarkness and to a splitting headache. She tried to speak, but wasgagged with some sort of ball in her mouth. She tried to move,but was tightly bound onto something. Hours passed and shecould feel her muscles becoming stiff. As a ray of daylight finallyworked its way through a distant window well, she could see thatshe was bound to some exercise equipment, in a bent overposition. She could also see she was not alone. Some ten feetfrom her was a good-looking young man; he wore shackles andwas also gagged.#2 - Bethany had never seen a young man naked before.“She looks interested, Baby Boy. Go closer, let her get a goodlook,” she sternly instructed. He did and once again the last stitchof clothing eventually found its way to the floor. “Baby Boy, tellyour new friend what we do here.”“We play games,” he explained in a soft, meek voice, as shestared at his young manhood.“What kind of games?” asked their female warden.“Sex games,” he said.#3 - “I’m not playing any of your stupid games, you fat bitch!”Her warden slapped her hard. “You need to learn somemanners, sweetie!” The large woman dragged her outside of theplayroom and into the other section of the basement where sheand Papa had a workshop with a nice assortment of power tools.She turned on a table-mounted, electric buzz saw and it beganspinning ominously. She forced Bethany’s hand onto the table infront of the humming blade and said, “When you don’t cooperate,you get punished!”“Stop! Wait! I’ll do whatever you want!” Mama released herhand and Bethany fell to the floor.“Crawl over here and kiss my ring, you little tart!”#4 - “Are you a virgin, dear? And address me as ma’am or Mamafrom now on.”“Yes, Mama.”“Did you hear that, Papa? You can be her first lover!” The unshaven, smelly, retarded man drooled as he nodded and grinnedbroadly.“You are very pretty, dear. We’re all very pleased; I can seeeven Baby Boy is excited. I like that."#5 - “Slap her, son. She likes that,” Mama ordered. “Teach hersome respect.” Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) This review is from: Willful Women: ***Stories*** (Paperback) "PG is too tame for some readers. 'Willful Women' is a collection of short stories focusing on the more fun and adult sort of entertainment, murder, scandal, corruption, and of course, sex. With the theme of the willing and able woman for many adventures, Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. "Willful Women" is a fine collection, not to be missed." Some of my other stories available on the Kindle are:Just Rewards is a tale in the mid-sixties of bank robberies, ransoms and revenge.About Sam – a fast-paced story of a housewife who secretly is an agent for Homeland Security.Polar Opposites – Two women meet while each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be best of friends or worst of enemies? Interesting plot twists along the way in this engaging tale.Lost in Space-Time – If you like sci-fi, this one is based on things that could be true, with romance and adventure. The Sinclair Affair - A young orphan woman survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She ventures off to the big city to find her. Pirate Queen of the Caribbean - A young woman evolves from an innocent spa-girl into an evil, bi-sexual Pirate Queen.See for the full list of titles. Follow @willfulwomen on Twitter.